From Idea to Launch in 2 Weeks:
Get Your MVPFast  with Meghsoft

Turn your vision into a reality with our streamlined process and tech stack expertise. We utilize latest advances in AI and our own Custom App Generators to deliver MVP remarkably fast!

Go from Idea to Running App in 2 Weeks!


Struggling to get your web app off the ground?
MVP Fast takes the hassle out of development, bringing your idea to life in just 2 weeks. We handle everything, from requirements gathering and architecture design to database creation and prototype development.

Skip the months of development and get your MVP in your hands, fast. Our iterative process ensures continuous feedback and refinement, guaranteeing your satisfaction. Forget the technical headaches – MVP Fast delivers a polished, functional app ready to conquer the market. Stop dreaming, start launching.Contact us today!

Here's how it works:

Requirements Gathering (Days 1)

Quick 30 min call to go over your requirements. We dive deep into your vision, understanding your goals, target audience, and core functionalities.

Architecture & Design (Days 2-3)

We craft a robust and scalable architecture, focusing on user experience and future growth. We create your database and share the schema design with you.

Development & Prototype Iteration (Days 4-8)

We bring your vision to life with efficient coding and a working prototype to get your immediate feedback.

Delivery (Days 9-10)

We polish your app, and deliver the codebase.

  • Next JS
    App Router
  • Remix
  • Prisma
  • TailwindCSS
  • Radix UI
  • TypeScript logoTypescript

Our streamlined process and tech expertise empowers you to:

  •  Validate your idea quickly and iterate based on feedback.
  •  Get a functional, working app in your hands, ready to test the market.
  •  Save time and money with our fixed-price!


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