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Calculate inches (both decimal and fraction), feet, yard, meter, centimeters and millimeters. Enter equations just like you would write it on paper, eg. 5′7/8″ + 5cm. Get results in inches, feet, yard, meter, centimeters, and millimeters.


  1. Value: Enter any number by pressing digits 0 to 9.
  2. Units: Enter units for value by pressing in (inch-"), ft (feet='), yr (yard-y), m (meter), cm (centimeter) or mm (millimeter)
  3. Fraction: Enter fraction by pressing 'f/r'. So to enter 7/8',
    1. press digit 7
    2. press 'f/r'
    3. press 8
    4. press feet
  4. Operator: To perform arithmetic operations, press any operator buttons.
  5. Results: Calculator show results in selected units. To see results in different units, just use Unit Selector
  6. History: See all calculator history. You can use any of previously calculated value by pressing 'pencil' button.
  7. Alternate Display: See decimal results in Fractions. Press agin to see results in decimal(may not be precise or exact)


Enter 3 7/8 in

  1. Press 3
  2. Press in or .
  3. Press 7
  4. Press f/r
  5. Press 8
  6. Press in

Calculate Irregular Area

  1. Divide area into rectangles, squares etc sections
  2. Calculate area of each section (You can also use Concrete tab to calculate area)
  3. Press History and select first area calculated (Press Pencil button)
  4. Press + add button
  5. Press History and select second area calculated (Press Pencil button)
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 till you have added all areas to get final results.

Convert 14.88 to 14 7/8

  1. Enter 14.88
  2. Press Alt Display button => 14 7/8
  3. Press Alt Display button again => 14.88

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