About  Meghsoft!

We have been building software for over a quarter of century, especially for EPC Industry and have deployed application to mega scale projects. We have built application for every aspect of EPC business, from applications to manage various daily field operations to collecting time and running craft payroll, from specialty software to design Electrical Load Delivery Systems to critical decision support systems to manage ground work and concerting, to Pipe installation and everything in between.

We are now bringing that wide range of experience building highly scalable and performant custom systems to cloud that is ready to be used without any complicated and time-consuming development, and can be utilized by various companies from small contractors to large enterprises without requiring millions of dollars of upfront investment.

At Meghsoft (Megh is a Sanskrit word, meaning 'Cloud'), we are trying to bring custom software features to cloud and make it available to large audience at a fraction of cost and with all convenience of off the shelf product.

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